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Rid your restaurant of dirty rags!

No dirty rags in restaurantsManagers and operators of restaurants and commercial kitchens have a very large task in keeping their equipment clean.  We just made it a little easier with our WOW stainless steel cleaning products.  WOW keep your stoves, sinks, refrigerators, and all stainless steel surfaces clean and shiny by using our WOW! stainless steel cleaner! The amazing thing about WOW!, is that it is able to eliminate fingerprints, grime and grease, while still being safe for your household, works, and the environment! It is best not to use brillo pads (especially metal ones) so that they don’t scratch the surface.  You only need 2 or 3 pumps on a dry cloth, and you can give your stainless steel surfaces a long lasting “liquid” shine that resists fingerprints and smudges.

Clean stainless steel and transform your kitchenWe also feature a moist towelette canister so that you can clean without the rags!  Imagine ridding your restaurant of all those dirty rags and bucket water!  Our WOW wipes are more sanitary than dirty rags and you may also be able to reduce or eliminate your linen service.  This also helps prevent cross contamination and we have found that your employees will be more eager to clean when given great products.

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City learns about drain maintenance

More and more cities are learning about the importance of drain line maintenance that Drain-Net promotes.  Check out this excerpt from the Borneo Post:

“Kitchen sinks at eateries here should be fitted with effective trappers or strainers to prevent food waste, including grease, from entering and eventually blocking drains, sewer lines and waterways.

“Grease, oil and fat as well as food residues can build up and harden over time. It will block the entire pipeline and drainage, leading to leakages of water, odour and contamination,” he told reporters during a community clean-up programme at Harmony Gateway near Carpenter Street here yesterday.

The activity involved some 20 students of SMK St Mary who were accompanied by their teachers.

“It is on arduous task for our men to constantly clean all the drains in this city,” he said.”

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Why use a floor drain?

Did you know your floor drains could easily clog up because of food scraps and solid waste from your restaurant? Your options for cleaning are use dangerous and expensive chemical pipe cleaners or call a plumber who can end up being just as expensive. So why not use the Drain-Net Strainer? We have multiple styles and sizes to fit all different types of drains. Installation is as simple as removing your drain cover and then dropping in the Drain-Net Strainer.

Preventing plumbing issues at your restaurant or commercial kitchen could not be easier! Check out our other useful products here!


Home Drain Solutions

Drain net not only has commercial drains but also has drain solutions for your home.  We have multiple drains that will keep hair out of your shower pipes and keep your drains from clogging.

Are strange smells coming from your shower? Those smells are most likely coming from your septic tank or the sewer. These odors coming from your drain can be dangerous to your family as well as stink!

One solution is to pour strong chemicals down your drain on a consistent basis. Drain Net offers the Green Drain and other drain solutions as an alternative to dangerous chemicals.

Another great solution for your home is our fruit fly maintenance products and check out our home maintenance productstoo!


No More Gum on Sidewalks

What are those black dots on the sidewalk? Some are perfectly round while others are slanted and strange. These black dots are not part or the concrete mix or bits of stray asphalt. These strange black dots are chewing gum.

Discarding chewing gum on a street is a common occurrence in cities. The bigger the city the more gum you can find left behind. At this point people are even used to discarded gum and the black dots that are a result.

But with the GumGone Machine you no longer have to take discarded gum as a fact of life. The portable GumGone Machine removes gum in a matter of seconds. Remove gum and grout stains without damaging the concrete, asphalt or carpet!

The GumGone is perfect for facility managers, restaurants, schools and more!


Grease Interceptors V Grease Traps

In the restaurant business you are going to need a grease trap or a grease interceptor. This is required by law and is for basic maintenance of your pipes. So what’s the difference between them?

Passive Grease Interceptors are small and usually only located in your kitchen. But grease Traps are much larger and are usually located outside. They are typically just a short distance from the building and are underground. You can identify them by manhole covers, which provides entry for regular cleaning.

An Automatic Grease Removal Device, or AGRD, is similar in size and location to a passive grease interceptor. But its different because it separates FOG (fats, oils and greases) from the unit.

The Drain-Net Big Dipper is an AGRD that removes free-floating grease and oils from kitchens drain water flows. A major problem in industrial kitchens is drain blockage and the Big Dipper is here to help. Use of this product eliminates extra cost and keeps your drain functioning at its best.

Also check out our other products including Goslyn AGRDs and more!


Ice Machine Slime Prevention

In commercial ice machines a build up of black ice, pink slime and bio film can occur. The bio-film can emit an odor and can be hazardous to the health of people.

The ice machine is an open system and cannot stop or slow down the growth of the bacteria. So most owners have to get their machines professionally cleaned, which can get expensive. Especially since a commercial ice machine should be cleaned three times a year and usually cost over $1000 a year.

Cut that cleaning cost in half with the help of the Ice Wand! The ice wand uses a patented technology containing an advanced antimicrobial media to reduce the growth of bacteria and slime.  It’s easy to install and is compatible with most major ice machine models.


Is That Smell Coming From Your Drain?

Drainpipes are full of odors, gases and even insects. There are temporary fixes like pouring dangerous chemicals, chlorides and bleaches, down the drain on a regular basis. But the problem with this is that the chemicals would have to continually be applied for it to be an effective solution.

The Green Drain is an eco-friendly and chemical free solution to this problem. It is a one-way valve that allows water to flow through the drain but seals off the opening when the water stops. With the drain only opening for water it prevents the escape of odors, sewer gas and insects from the drainpipe.

The Green Drain is the simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly solution to your floor drain problems.


Preventing Drain Blockages

In the food industry it can sometimes be surprising what is found in your drains. Plumbers find things hidden in your drain more often than you may think. Examples are straws, silverware, cloths, plastic gloves and broken dishes in the drain lines of restaurants.

These things getting stuck in drains lead to drainage and plumbing issues that usually happen at the most inconvenient times.  So what can be done about it?

The Locking Dome strainer catches debris but still allows a free flowing drain area. It has multiple slots on the dome to keep debris from ever entering the drain and then slots on the bottom that allow liquids to drain from your sinks.

The Domed Basket strainers are great for preventing blockages and flooded floors in your commercial kitchen. You can even use both the Domed Basket strainer with the Locking Dome strainer for maximum efficiency.


Prevent Rooftop Grease

The term “FOG” stands for fats, oils and grease. Exhaust fans found on the rooftops of restaurants emit FOGs that then stain the roof. Not only do the FOGs stain the roof they also cause unsafe work areas, leaks and can even lead to a potential fire.

Some restaurant owners use a dish or a bucket to try and catch these substances. But the problem is that FOGs float on top of water. So if there is any kind of precipitation the FOGs spill out of the bucket onto the roof.

The Grease Gutter is the solution to this problem. The grease gutter has an absorbent pad that soaks up the grease from the fan. Then whenever your hood vents are cleaned, be sure to switch out the absorbent pad in the grease gutter to ensure no damage comes to your roof.

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